News Roulette

Hitting that button will send you to a random news article published on in the past 24 hours. It's surprisingly addictive.

Who made this? My name is Daniel Vydra, and I work at the Guardian in London. If you have any questions, send me a message on twitter.

About this site:

During a presentation recently about the future of news media with Clay Shirky, the idea of "a chatroulette for news" was jokingly mentioned by Chris Thorpe.

Inspired by this, and my love both for serendipity and news, I decided to build something.

This site is the result of that experiment.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with the ABC. I actually work for the Guardian in London. I originally made The Random Guardian (aka GuardianRoulette).

Then I tried making one for the New York Times. Unlike random-guardian, that site doesn't keep the little bar at the top of the page, because I didn't like the idea of messing with the framebusting code.

Finally, not wanting to neglect my home country, I decided to build a news roulette based on the ABC, which out of all of the news sites in Australia, has the most daily content published.

Some technical details: This is written in Python, pulling data from the ABC's RSS feeds, and running on Google app engine.

So just bookmark this, put it in your bookmarks bar or something, and when you feel the need for some randomness, give it a press.